Health & wellbeing

Medical and oral health

  • General health status:
    • Chronic diseases, allergies, infections, poxes, and traumas (Questionnaire)
    • Use of medications (Questionnaire)
    • Use of vitamins and mineral supplements (Questionnaire)
    • Factors that could affect serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D (Questionnaire)
  • Oral health status:
    • Oral hygiene (Questionnaire)
    • Self-perceived oral health (Questionnaire)
    • Quality of life related to oral health (Questionnaire)
    • Clinical oral examination by research dentist
    • Clinical orthodontic examination by research orthodontist
    • Bacteria, digestion enzymes, and potential biomarkers for periodontitis, caries, and systemic diseases from saliva samples (to be analysed)

Wellbeing, pain, depression and stress

  • Physical, psychic, and social wellbeing (Questionnaire)
  • Pain conditions (Questionnaire)
  • Depression (Cognitive, behavioral, affective, and somatic components of depression by Beck Depression Inventory)
  • Perceived stress (Cohen Scale)