Opening hours

Joensuu Campus Library opening hours



Monday–Friday 8–18

Customer service 9–18

Saturday 10–14

Customer service 10–14

Sunday Closed

The entrance to the Carelia 24/7 space is through the UEF Library’s side door by using your own access badge. Fill in the contract form online Identity and access rights. After you have received the Application approved email, come to the library to sign the contract and to pay the access badge deposit fee (40 €). You will get the access badge from the Facilities Management’s Key Services after you have signed the contract at the library and filled in and printed out application for keys and access badges form.

Exceptions in opening hours 2019


Thu 18.4.2019 Open 8–16, customer service 9–16

19.–22.4.2019 Closed

Carelia 24/7: 18.–22.4.2019 Closed

May Day

Tue 30.4.2019 Open 8–16, customer service 9–16

Wed 1.5.2019 Closed

Carelia 24/7: 30.4.–1.5.2019 Closed

Ascension Day

Wed 29.5.2019 Open 8–16, customer service 9–16

Thu 30.5.2019 Closed Carelia 24/7: 29.–30.5.2019 Closed

 Tue 4.6.– Wed 5.6.2019  Closed


Thu 20.6.2019   Open 9–14

Fri 21.6.2019   Closed

Carelia 24/7: 20.– 23.6.2019  Closed