Travel Arrangements

Joensuu, Kuopio and Savonlinna are located in the eastern part of Finland, approximately 400 kilometres from the capital Helsinki. If you arrive in Finland by plane, you will probably arrive at the Helsinki-Vantaa airport in southern Finland. There are several daily flights from Helsinki to all the campus cities.  There are also excellent coach and railway connections from Helsinki to the campus cities.

Distance from Helsinki to:



 By car/coach

 By rail

 By air


 440 km

 ~5 h 15 min

 ~4-5 h

~ 60 min


 390 km

 ~4 h 45 min

 ~5 h 15 min

 ~60 min


 336 km

 ~4 h 15 min

 ~4 h 30 min

 ~60 min

When you are making travel arrangements, please note that most of the university buildings are open and fully staffed Monday to Friday between 9am and 4pm. 

For timetables and tickets:
By train

By coach

By air: 

By ferry:


Airport connections

Airports in Joensuu, Kuopio and Savonlinna are located 10-15 kilometres from the city centre. Please see the websites of the airports for more information on transport connections to/from the airport. For more information on airport connections, please see:

Local transport connections to the university campuses